Automobile accidents are responsible for the injury or death or thousands of children and young adults each year. Many of these events could be prevented by proper use of seat belts and other safety features of cars.Outside of a car, it is important for children to know how dangerous moving vehicles can be. When playing outside, never chase balls or other objects into the street without looking for traffic, and never run between parked cars into the street as it is hard f...

Automobile Safety For Children

Automobile Safety For ChildrenAutomobile accidents are responsible for the injury or death or thousands of children and young adults each year. Many of these events could be prevented by proper use of seat belts and other safety features of cars.Outside of a car, it is important for children to know how dangerous moving vehicles can be. When playing outside, never chase balls or other objects into the street without looking for traffic, and never run between parked cars into the street as it is hard for drivers to see over them. Teaching children these behaviors at a young age is an excellent way to prevent accidents in the future.In the car, there are a set of effortless rules that new drivers and young passengers should always follow. The way to prevent most serious injuries is to simply always buckle up. Even if no one else in the car is wearing one and the trip is just around the block, it is important to wear one regardless. In a case like this, it wouldnt hurt to insist that everyone else buckle up as well to ensure their safety.When wearing a seatbelt, older children should be tall enough to sit without slouching with their feet on the floor. The lap-shoulder belt system will not fit most children until they are about 49 tall and weigh about 80 pounds. The lap portion of the belt should fit low and tight across the upper thighs, while the shoulder portion should fit over the shoulder and chest. Although it may be more comfortable, never put the shoulder belt under the arm or behind the back of the child.Reckless behavior in and around automobiles is also a large contributor to the injury and death rate. Never stick arms, legs, or any other body part out of the window of a moving car. If another vehicle is passing too close it could cause serious injury. One of the most dangerous but easily preventable behaviors is drunk driving. Never try to drive after drinking, and never ride with anyone who has been drinking. It is important to always have a designated driver, or at least someone to keep keys hidden.New and young drivers cause many of the accidents because they may have not yet learned how to handle a car properly, may drive at speeds to fast for the conditions, and are more likely to perform risky behaviors. Although they are commonly given a negative image, being a back-seat driver can save lives by telling a reckless driver to be more attentive or to slow down.Concerning very young children, there is even more information to be aware of related to accidents and safety. Generally, the back seat is the safest place in a car accident, and any child under 12 years should ride there, especially if the vehicle has a passenger side are bag. Infants should be placed in rear facing car seats in the back seat until at least 1 year of age or around 20 lbs. Forward facing seats are acceptable after this point. In either case, always read the child restraint manual for proper and effective installation and use. It is recommended that children use a safety seat until at they are at least 40 pounds and then use a booster seat that will help the lap-shoulder system fit well.It is important to remember that injury or death from an automobile accident can happen to anyone, not just children and younger drivers. Always promote safe behaviors near roads, behind the wheel, and also the lifesaving benefits of using safety belts and child safety seats correctly.Copyright Schwebel Goetz and Sieben

Chrome Stools Put You In The Driver's Seat

Chrome Stools Put You In The Driver

You jockey for position, but cannot seem to overtake the other vehicle or get that coveted inside track. Then suddenly, your car surges forward, about a car-length ahead of your nemesis. The other vehicle returns the favor by streaming past your automobile. This back-and-forth position changing continues until the final stretch. Neck-and-neck, both cars dart along the track, as if following a script, towards the finish line. Both you and the other vehicle speed underneath the checkered flag, in a down-to-the-wire photo finish. Suddenly, the noise of the crowd dies out, and you slowly open your eyes. Instead of being seated in a Formula One, you find yourself in one of the room's comfortable chrome stools. Chrome, Chromium, and ChromiteChrome can be used on numerous automobile parts. We have seen chrome before, but what exactly is it? Chrome is a thin sheet of chromium that is placed on metal that could corrode. It helps to prevent stains and makes the surface brighter. Chrome is made from the element chromium, which is a hard, shiny, element. It is mainly found in the mineral chromite. Besides automobiles, chrome can also be used on several other products, such as household fixtures and " "chrome stool" s" . Car ChromingChrome can be used on numerous products found on a car. Two of the most popular are hubcaps and rims. Chrome-plated hubcaps can frequently be spotted rolling down the street, and are featured on various automobile shows, music videos, and in automobile magazines. Today, there are even shops that specialize specifically in chrome hubcaps and rims. However, chrome can be added to other parts of the vehicle as well. That includes the grill, the engine, and even the manufacturer's emblem! Placing chrome on these parts helps to increase the life of one's precious investment. Though chrome stools have no hubcaps, or wheels for that matter, they can still represent the longevity and attractiveness of the plating.Chrome ConstructionWhen you look at chrome stools or see four glimmering chrome hubcaps rolling down the street, do you ever wonder how parts of the car are chromed? Before chroming a part, it must be polished until it shines. The purpose is to remove the imperfections in castings and also avoid future chrome platings from sinking into tiny surface imperfections. Careful preparation must also be done when chroming hardware, particularly to prevent losing any parts. Lastly, cast wheels must be polished cautiously. This seals the surface and gives the chrome and nickel plates a smooth surface. Chrome stools also undergo a similar process when parts such as the backrest, footrest, stem, and base are chromed. Chrome gives today's automobiles a special "bling bling" shine that sets them apart from the others. Though chrome stools are less mobile, the plating gives them the look and durability for all of your sitting needs. There is no doubt about it. Chrome stools put you in the driver's seat!

Is It Worthwhile Insuring Your Personalised Number Plate?

Is It Worthwhile Insuring Your Personalised Number Plate?

There are available insurance schemes covering the loss of personalised number plates , but are they a worthwhile expenditure? Let us look at the potential circumstances which could result in a claim.The first would be the theft of the registration number on its own.To do this the criminal would nee your vehicle documents ( V5C log book,m.o.t and tax disc ) he would also have to forge your signature and change the address on your V5C.Unless you keep you V5C in the glovebox this is a low risk scenario.Second would be the theft of the car with the number on it.Once again the thief would need your vehicle documents to be able to transfer the registration.It is no longer possible to obtain a duplicate log book as if someone other than you applies the DVLA will write to you immediately.If the car is not recovered you can get your registration number back through normal DVLA procedures although you will have to wait 12 months.Having insurance will not alter this rule.Total loss is next.Assuming the car is a write off following an accident it should be easy enough to put the number on retention before you settle with the insurance company , do not part with the V5C until you have done this.Failure to transfer the registration number before selling or trading the car is the last possible scenario.Registration numbers go with the car ( or more accurately the V5C ) sq it is recommended to always put the number on retention before you even advertise the car.Should the personalised number plate be lost through failure to do this it would amount to negligence on your part and it is unlikely to be covered by insurance.In summary it seems , in our opinion , that insuring your personalised number plate may not be as worthwhile as it might appear as there are already procedures in place to protect you.In any event the DVLA know where all cars and registration numbers are and can therefore trace them and a personalised number plate is of no use to anyone outside the uk so what would a thief do with it?

Cheap Car Auction Get The Best Deals On Cars

Cheap Car Auction  Get The Best Deals On Cars

Many people around the world drive cars sell cars; buy cars, in-fact, today many people, especially familys need cars to survive. In this article we will discuss car auctions, not just cheap car auctions because this is where you get the bargain deals on cars, most auctions, and quality auctions especially, will give you the best possible deals on cars.What to expect at "car auctions" around the worldAt the car auctions, you will get very good deals on cars to be honest, based on our experience if you stick in, you will get bargain deals on cars worth far more than the price they go for. This is why many people start dealing in cars after they have been to a few auctions and experienced the events themselves.Cheap car auctions are everywhereCheap car auctions are all over the world, and to be honest, there is no such thing as a "cheap car auction" because generally, a person goes to get low cost deals on cars anyway. This is the whole purpose of the car auctions events that are on worldwide. Many dealers are born and become successes from cheap car auctions alone. However, remember the flip side is that they are not just for dealers. Anyone can go to car auctions, and because of that getting a hold of a cheap car is available to anyone.Some people have said that car auctions are only for dealers in cars, however, we werent dealers when we went, in-fact, we went to look for bargain deals on cars and we werent registered dealers or even registered of traders in the car industry business. In life it is always to take some advice as a pinch of salt. In the end, its about trying things for yourself and then you will know the facts. People try things, but they dont go all the way and put 100 percent in, then they say its only for dealers, like we said, take this with a pinch of salt.Our conclusion on cheap car auctions and our final adviceOn a final note, we advise that you take someone with you who has some knowledge on cars. It can be a nightmare thinking you have a bargain car on your hands, but not knowing whether to bid or not because you dont know enough about the car.

Make Sure You Know Everything There Is To Know About Cheaper Car Insurance

Of course we all want to save money on our bills, but sometimes it seems that everything is still expensive, especially when it comes to cars and insuring them. They can sometimes be a millstone around your neck. However it is possible to make savings when it comes to buying car insurance and one of the best ways to make savings on your premiums is to shop around.You can get someone else (ie your insurance broker) to shop around on your behalf or you can have a look online. Buying online can not only save you a huge amount of money but it will also save you a whole lot of time and leg work. Almost all online insurers can give you an almost instant quote which you are then able to consider and compare with other online companies. Some sites will also give you a comparison table on their site which even saves you the trouble of searching yourself. Of course you should always double check this information to make sure it is right and currently up to date as you can often find that once you fill in a full application, the premium can vary quite dramatically. One of the most common reasons why people don't make savings on their "car insurance" is because they simply don't shop around. Along with this they fail to gain as much knowledge on the subject as they possibly can.Understanding which policy you would be better taking also goes a long way to helping you save on your car insurance. For example there are two main types of insurance, third party, fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. The type of policy most suited for your needs should be taken into account but also bear in mind that fully comp, while covering you for more, will be the most costly.There are many ways in which you can lower the cost further. If you have had advanced driving lessons then this should be stated - the safer you are regarded by the company then the lower the cost of your premium. Your age and sex also plays an important factor in how much you pay for your car insurance. There are specialist websites that cater just for the young driver or say for the female driver and by going with one of these you can save yourself money on the cost of insurance.Fitting better anti theft devices on your car can also save you money as can offering to pay a higher excess fee.

What To Look For When Buying A Motorcycle Helmet.

Buying a motorcycle helmet can be quite confusing these days. there are so many helmets to choose from, trying to figure out which one is the right one for you can take some time. Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of shapes sizes and colors. There are also quite a few manufacturers to choose from. Most people pick a helmet that fits their personality or the colors of their bike. That is a good way to it. You should like the helmet so you will wear it whenever you are out there shredding some curves. Here are a few of the most popular motorcycle helmet makers around: Icon, AGV, Suomy, ZR, Nolan, Thor and Scorpion are just a few of the popular manufacturers you can choose from. You have several types of motorcycle helmets to choose from.Lets talk about half helmets. These are helmets that do not cover your entire face they just cover the top of your heads the side of your head and sometimes come with a visor. A lot of these types also come with a face shield to keep debris and bugs out of your face. If the half helmet you pick does not you will need to get you some goggles. Half helmets are very popular with the cruiser crowd. Also skullcaps are popular with this crowd. A skull cap is exactly what it implies it is a helmet that only covers the cap of your skull. A skull cap usually has no visor. They are very popular with the American bike crowd mainly because the skullcaps are usually adorned with a nice paint job like skulls or an old airplane motif, bullet holes, flames, iron crosses and the like.Skullcaps are mostly for show and really do not offer much in the way of protection. You will find most of the really cool ones are not DOT and SNELL approved. So if you are looking for protection I would recommend at least a half face if not a full face helmet. For cruiser riders it is sometimes hard to ride around with a full face when your buddies are wearing next to nothing. So I would recommend at leas a half helmet if nothing else. If you absolutely want a skull cap then ck to see if you can find one that is at lest DOT approved if not DOT and Snell both. I ride a cruiser myself so I understand the notion of the wind in your hair and the freedom of the road. Its just a good idea to cover your head with some thing just in case.Full face motorcycle helmets are mostly worn by guys that ride crotch rockets or sport bikes is the more correct term. Sport bikes these days pump out a serious amount of horsepower, therefore it is vital to wear a helmet that can protect you in case of a crash, while still keeping you comfortable when you are out there tearing up the street or track. It is almost impossible not to find a full face helmet that fits your personality or your ride. These days you can even get custom graphics painted on your helmet. Most offer a venting system which will keep air flowing in, a quick switch face shield so you can switch from a clear to a tinted shield in no time. Full face helmets are usually available starting at about $100 on up in to the $600+ range depending on what you want, but for a couple of hundred you should be able to find one that suits you. Make sure that the fit is tight enough where the helmet can not be turned when its on your head. the fit should be snug. Motocross helmets are the other type that we should mention. Specifically designed for off road use these helmets are made to be full face helmets with a visor and no face shield. A set of goggles is needed for them if you want eye protection. Thor makes some really nice ones for you to choose from.When it comes to choosing a motorcycle helmet just remember a few things. Choose a helmet that you will like and will choose to wear. Make sure its DOT and Snell approved for your safety. Make sure that the helmet fits properly on your head and is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.


Automobile accidents are responsible for the injury or death or thousands of children and young adults each year. Many of these events could be prevented by proper use of seat belts and other safety features of cars.Outside of a car, it is important for children to know how dangerous moving vehicles can be. When playing outside, never chase balls or other objects into the street without looking for traffic, and never run between parked cars into the street as it is hard f...